Service Plans


During the term of the agreement, we will take all reasonable precautions to avoid injury to persons and damage to property while on the premises, but we shall not be liable for any special or consequential damages.
We shall not be liable for losses or defect arising out of vandalism, fire, flood, wind, war, riots, and acts of God. In such cases, the customer shall be charged for the parts and labor involved at the then current price for such repairs. No such parts or labor shall be furnished, however, without authorization from the customer.

Conditions We Agree to:

  1. Inspect the equipment on a scheduled basis as shown and during each inspection perform the applicable services per above checklist.
  2. Instruct you in the operation of the equipment.
  3. Give our service contract holders preference over all other service activity normally undertaken by us.

Conditions You agree to:

  1. Operate the equipment according to our instructions.
  2. Promptly notify us of any unusual operating conditions of the equipment.
  3. Permit our personnel the use of your common building maintenance tools, such as ladders, etc.
  4. Permit only our service personnel and/or a service organization authorized by us to work on the equipment.

Plan A (Gas / Oil Hot Air Furnace)

  1. Clean and adjust automatic controls.
  2. Clean Burners.
  3. Adjust combustion for optimum fuel efficiency.
  4. Lubricate as needed.
  5. Test for combustion leaks.
  6. Test safety shutoff responses.
  7. Check blower belt wear, tension, and alignment.
  8. Check flue for satisfactory operation.
  9. Change oil furnace nozzle.
  10. Change the oil furnace fuel filter.
  11. Change the air filters.
  12. Clean chimney.
  13. Inspect heat exchanger.
  14. Ensure flue pipe is in good condition.

Plan B (Oil/Gas Hot Water Boiler)

  1. Change nozzle.
  2. Change fuel filter.
  3. Clean chimney and inspect liner.
  4. Brush soot out of boiler.
  5. Inspect combustion chamber.
  6. Check air/water balance in system.
  7. Check/clean air – fuel mixer and fan blades.
  8. Oil motors if necessary.
  9. Check all pups, zone valves, circulation system for proper operation.

Plan C (Mini-splits, Air Conditioner, Heat Pump and/or Dual Fuel Heat Pump/Gas Furnace)

  1. Clean condenser coil if necessary.
  2. Lubricate as needed.
  3. Check defrosts cycle and reversing valve operation.
  4. Check air flow for maximum efficiency.
  5. Check safety devices and electrical connections for tightness.
  6. Check blower belt wear, tension, and alignment.
  7. Check for oil and refrigerant leaks.
  8. Check expansion valve and coil temperatures for proper operation.
  9. Test electrical controls for proper operation.
  10. Check refrigerant level.
  11. Check refrigerant controls and coil temperature.
  12. Check & clean condensate drain & condensate pumps.
  13. Check Air Filters and replace if needed.